The market these days is full of PR agencies, some are multinationals, and others are local.  However, few of such agencies operating in Egypt have the capacity to run public relations tasks to the full.  This is a job that cannot be run by amateurs for long.  This is why Mercury Communications has professional teams to carry out the entire process, namely:

  • A full-fledged Client Service Department
  • A team of professionals dedicated to media relations
  • Native speaking copy writers in English and Arabic
  • One of the region’s largest Press and Media Monitoring Department
  • Government and Investment Relations specialists

The flip side of the coin speaks of agencies dedicated to event management only, leaving them missing the essential garnish on the plate, while other agencies consider it part of the PR services, rendering it not well-catered for. At Mercury Communications the case is different.  Event Management is a whole division with specialists who are aware of the details and stretch their arm to colleagues in other divisions to seek their help in adding flavours no one can match. Our team:

  • Is made up of event setup specialists
  • And audio/visual effects professionals
  • Is detail-oriented
  • Provides solution for small and large events and different venues
  • Have a proven track record in the delivery of top quality.

Like the ancient Roman mythology about Mercury who carries the messages of the ancient gods without publicizing for itself to the extent that after thousands of years you only got to know this fact by reading this text, we carry your voice to your customers without fanfare about ourselves.
Creative people silently work on creating, developing and disseminating your message to the whole world, be it below the line, above the line or through new media.
Below the Line:
Mercury Communications takes pride in having some of the:

  • Most talented graphic designers
  • Most creative art directors
  • Most professional production and print specialists

Video Production
If you need to create a signature film for an attraction, or a promotional film with a corporate message, we have our in-house top notch post-production facility with:

  • Best quality animators and 3-D specialists
  • Top compositing quality
  • Highly talented script writers and directors
  • Best visual effects creators and supervisors
  • Endless ability for film colouring
  • State-of-the art equipment and software

Ask for our show reel and you will be impressed that our team was behind all those big names and great pictures you always wondered who created them.

Setting the right tone for the message is not an easy way. We often speak, but we rarely articulate; we hear all the time, yet less frequently we listen. Grabbing attention, let alone hearts is no easy task especially that now is not the time for orators but for creative articulation in a spoken message, a song, a jingle or a commentary. And we excel here for many reasons:

  • Having an in house professional audio studio
  • Having highly experienced sound technicians
  • Updating ourselves with the latest in technology
  • Possessing a large library of music and sound effects
  • Having professionals who know when to say it, when to hum it and when to sing it
  • Having in-house experienced narrators and announcers

At Mercury Communications we never locked our minds to certain methods or media. While the minds opened up to embrace the latest trends, our tools and team continued to develop as the world shifted its attention towards New Media.

  • Online advertising and web development to the finest level
  • Best connections with top search engines for best rankings
  • Multimedia and animated trends to be received on different media
  • A large electronic database
  • Proper segmentation of users to create and send your personalized message

The great developments in technology have made almost all people capable of capturing happy or sad moments without difficulty. Everyone has a phone camera if not a digital camera.  But who says paint brushes and canvas did not exist centuries ago, while artists and painters remained vey few.  Mercury Communications has a treasure of professional photographers who know how to paint with their cameras and make life worth revisiting.  They provide:

  • Best product shots imagined
  • Best effects for outdoor and indoor shooting
  • Creative art direction for all forms of compositions
  • A touch of class to every frame they produce
  • Advice on how to use your shots, whether in print or on outdoor signage

If you have read the previous pages you must know by now why do you need to deal with an integrated communications agency, rather than several ones that provide you with different services.  Messages need not be fragmented; image must not be scattered or diluted; and identities must remain intact and fragmented.  For all this and more you go to Mercury Communications that can:

  • Create your identity from scratch with an entire guide
  • Be creative while maintaining your guidelines
  • Find solutions that do not contradict with other issues
  • Carryout your entire communications issues under one roof
  • And much more